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Looking for a rewarding career?

At Jeeglo, you’ll be part of a family of Innovative Leaders where you can learn great new things every day in an exciting and learning environment.


With us, you can be as creative as possible and we encourage brainstorming and participation at all levels. It’s our pleasure to help you succeed and have fun working with us..


We want our employees to be able to create a balanced life, which is why we offer various benefits that encourage health, happiness, and work-life balance. And of course, we will do everything in our power to help you be as productive as possible. Here are some of our amazing office perks:

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Performance Bonuses:

At Jeeglo, we reward annual bonuses to the employees for their contributions and performance.

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Interest-Free Loans

We offer Interest-Free Loans to help you with your financial matters.

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Company Maintained Car

A company-provided car comes with maintenance, a tracker, taxes, and insurance.

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Paid Time Off

You can take time off whenever you need. We have a flexible policy.

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Work from Home

We are given the option of working from home to help our employees in case of any emergencies.

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Daily Free Lunch

We offer daily free lunch to our employees.

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Outdoor Dining

We enjoy eating out, and we make sure to schedule time for fun with employees.

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Annual Iftar Buffet

We offer an annual Iftar buffet to our employees in the holy month of Ramadan.

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Free Coffee and Tea

Enjoy free tea, coffee, and biscuits at the jeeglo.

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We care about our employees and provide a special enrollment option just for them—the EOBI program.

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We share the profits with the upper management employees and give them equity in the company.

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Jeeglo remains closed on weekends to ensure that its employees can have a healthy work-life balance.

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Public Holidays

Jeeglo will be closed on all public holidays throughout the calendar year.

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Company Picnics

As often as we can, we get our team together for picnics, where we encourage each other with friendly competitions.

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Public Holidays

Jeeglo will be closed on all public holidays throughout the calendar year.

Birthday Parties

Each employee's birthday is celebrated by the staff with full enthusiasm

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Indoor Gaming

At jeeglo, there are many opportunities for fun breaks, where our employees can choose to have fun.

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